Call Viper

Do you live abroad and having issues not having a UK postal address or telephone number?

Call Viper is the solution and includes the following features: –

  • UK residential address
  • Choose from the list of virtual addresses
  • Shop and ship internationally
  • Parcel storage and forwarding
  • Mail forwarding
  • UK Landline or mobile number
  • Works on IOS, Android and desktop 
  • Free incoming UK calls
  • 4500 Outbound call minutes as though you are in the UK to landline or mobile numbers
  • Full Support via our tech team
  • Cancel anytime

All from only 1200฿

UK Telephone Number

Calling UK banks, government offices and businesses can be a real pain if you live abroad so having a UK number in your house, either on your computer or as a hard phone can be invaluable.

Call Viper is easy to set up and our team will guide you through your set up to get you up and running.

call Viper comes as a soft phone set up that works on mobiles and desktops and comes with either a mobile or landline UK number and once you are set up you have unlimited free inbound calls and 4500 minutes outbound calls a month that are crystal clear as though you are in the UK.

Purchase your own VOIP phone and our team will install your Call Viper services for you.


UK Street Address

Get a personal or business address in the UK regardless of where you are in the world.  Read your post online or forward it internationally

Our market-leading mail management software gives you complete control over your letters and parcels. When new items arrive we scan the envelope or label, and you’ll receive a notification. Login from any device and choose what happens next; have your post scanned, forwarded unopened, stored or shredded – you decide.


Virtual addresses in London & across the UK

We offer virtual addresses in London, Dorset, and many other locations across the UK, including:

  • North London
  • Central London
  • South London
  • Westminster
  • Dorset
  • Glasgow
  • Birmingham
  • Edinburgh
  • Liverpool
  • Bristol


Share the cost of international parcel forwarding

The likelihood is that you know other people who would like to buy products from the UK and ship them abroad, so why not share the cost? Get your colleagues, family members or friends to ship their orders to your UK Postbox Delivery Address – we’ll then box yours up with theirs, and you can split the costs!

Or if you want to buy UK products on your own then get them shipped to your allocated UK address and we will bundle them up into one parcel and ship them internationally to your location.

Note – shipping fees are an additional cost but our shipping fees are very competitive as we ship a lot of parcels to clients abroad.

Our Cheque Deposit Service allows business customers to receive payments even when they’re overseas.

We receive and lodge your post in the normal way; you instruct us to bank the cheques on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bespoke schedule. All of our banking services are closely monitored by our security-cleared team based at UK Postbox Head Office in Poole, Dorset.

Cheques are banked using the Post Office Banking Service (rules and restrictions apply).

Cheque deposit pricing

  • £1.00 per cheque
  • Minimum charge – £10 per banking visit
  • Pricing excludes VAT.
  • No set up fee – contact the business team and they will guide you through it

Choose your plan

You will be charged monthly – cancel at any time.


฿ 1200
Per Month
  • 1 UK mobile or landline number
  • Soft phone installed on PC
  • 4500 inclusive outbound minutes
  • Free inbound calls
  • 1 UK street address
  • Mail scanning and forwarding
  • Shop & ship
  • Business or personal trading address
  • Techincal support team


฿ 1499
Per Month
  • 1 UK mobile number
  • 1 UK landline number
  • Soft phone install on PC
  • 6500 inclusive outbound minutes
  • Free inbound calls
  • 1 UK street address
  • Mail scanning and forwarding
  • Shop & ship
  • Business or personal trading address
  • Technical support team

Need a VOIP phone set up?

Having a phone rather than using a PC or mobile in your house or business is a lot easier to use as it is online 24-7.   There are some great deals on VOIP phones through Lazada, Shopee or Amazon etc.  Purchase your VOIP phone and then notify our team when it arrives and they will transfer your Call Viper account across to your new phone for free.


Call Viper App


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People love Call Viper, It’s simple to use, takes minutes to set up and allows you to have a legal UK address and a UK telephone number. Great for banking, legal services and more…

Choose your plan

If the plans available do not fit your needs then contact our team and we can create a package for you.

Call Viper

Has years of experience in communication and postal addresses so you are in safe hands.

Great Price!

UK phone and address services in one package. Pay monthly and cancel anytime.

Full Support

Our support team are on hand 24-7 should require any assistance either via the postal app or our call centre.

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